Dwarf Space


This game was my entry into the IndiesVsPewDiePie GameJam in November 2014, and landed in 207th place out of 775 entries! (...Yay?)

Man the battlestations! The Space Brewery is under attack, the Unibees want to take back their honey, but then we can't brew our famous Star Mead! The player must race to defend the brewery while keeping the nuclear reactors from over heating by filling them with coolant and keep the dwarves manning the anti aircraft turrets drunk by giving them plenty of Star Mead, dwarves fall asleep if they're sober...

During the game the player must adjust how much fuel to give the reactors, increasing power output and coolant burn rate, with more power more mead will be produced and the turrets will be able to fire faster, an assistant will help haul coolant to the reactors or ship barrels to the transport ship when it docks (as long as the coolant supplies are within a safe range), so the player will be able to focus on killing and repairing/fueling the turrets. Take care though, when the transport ship docks you have to ship as many barrels of mead as you can before it departs again, but enemies will focus their attacks on the ship as long as it is docked! So keep the guns blazing and your feet moving if you want to survive in Dwarf Space!

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