Dwarf Space: Outpost Command

Behold...Dwarf Space: Outpost Command!

Current Project State: Pre-Alpha.

Settlement management from within the settlement...in space!

You'll command dwarves in battle and industry, explore the deep reaches of space, and battle numerous lurking horrors. Unlike most settlement games this one features a side-scrolling action/platforming perspective, bringing a whole new level of interaction as you work and fight alongside your dwarves while trying to fabricate a massive industrial juggernaut in unforgiving alien-infested space. A robust crafting system will also play a major role in advancing up the tech tree and expanding your base.

-.:*Key Features*:.-

  • Side-Scrolling Perspective;

Don't just command the action, be part of the action! Stand against invaders along side your valiant soldiers and workers! (And die gloriously...)

  • Crafting;

Make weapons, armor, munitions, drilling rigs, defense turrets, and much more! (And try not to blow yourself up...)

  • Mining;

Explore the deep reaches of uncharted space to discover riches and vital fuel for your industry! (Don't dig too deep...or high...or...whatever)

  • Crew Hiring and Command/Management;

Use your wealth to hire and command a crew of engineers, warriors, and miners! (But don't forget to pay them, miners can be very unpleasant on payday if there's no money...)

  • Industrial development;

Build up your outpost into a mighty factory, then equip it with numerous and powerful defenses to preserve it from ravaging alien swarms! (A nuclear fusion reactor in space manned by alcoholics carrying advanced experimental weapons, what could possibly go wrong?)


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