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August 14th, 2015:

Hello and welcome dear friends and fellow gamers! It is with great pleasure and no small amount of excitement that I introduce to you my next major project; Dwarf Space: Outpost Command!

As you may gather from the title ( and the rather cool trailer ), you are a dwarf in command of an outpost, in space. Another feature you may have noticed in the trailer is that your duties aren't to be performed in the standard god-view, as is typical in most settlement games from which Dwarf Space draws it's influences (Dwarf Fortress, The Settlers, & Stronghold, to name a few). Instead I have built a side-scrolling action/platforming element into the game, bringing a whole new level of interaction as you work and fight alongside your dwarves while trying to fabricate a massive industrial juggernaut in unforgiving alien-infested space. Pretty cool, no?

The project is in very early pre-alpha, so screens and videos will depict things that are subject to complete overhauls, re-skins, and maybe getting eliminated entirely, but I couldn't contain my excitement any longer and wanted to start sharing the long journey ahead with all of you.

Players will begin with a small outpost with a few dwarves and some basic machines already set up, you will have to begin gathering resources and building up the base from there. Power generation and storage will be an important part of your mission, because the base itself needs power to stay afloat high above inhospitable wormholes, stars, planar warp rifts, and other such anomalies that are deemed too dangerous for industrial exploitation by races who clearly lack dwarven courage (and mead, mead will take you far in the absence of courage). Periodically a ship from the kingdom will arrive and transport what goods you select back home, you will use the coin you earn exporting materials to hire more dwarven workers and soldiers as you build more powerful industrial complexes. Crafting will yield advanced materials, tools, and weapons you and your dwarves will use to expand your base, so you can craft even bigger guns, more powerful drilling rigs and more high-tech crafting stations. There will be a healthy series of industries and dependent industries so you will have plenty to tinker with, for example; you may choose to smelt ingots straight from raw ore or instead you could attempt to get greater yield by constructing purification chambers to process the ore first, which will need chemical synthesizers to fuel their reaction of catalysts to produce more ingots, and those catalysts will need to be processed from distilled liquids that are only found in certain asteroids that require special rigs to excavate! Good times.

But you won't be alone in space; the chief antagonist your dwarves will face is the Swarm, with hives scattered through most of the locations your dwarves will work, random encouters, raids, and full fledged sieges will make sure you don't let your munitions production line gather any dust. This will also make structures such as advance warning beacons, anti-air turrets, and proximity defense systems a critical part of your outpost once you grow large enough to attract the attention of the Hivemind. Obviously the trailer only featured one kind of swarming enemy, but I have a bunch more planned, as well as biome-specific enemies that will lurk in uncharted space. The Swarm represents the most significant and intelligent threat at this point, though I may add one or two more primary enemies as the development progresses.

Well that should just about do it for now, follow the game on the social stuffz if you want to hear more about it as it progresses!

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February 6th:

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by!

As you may have noticed, Siege of Turtle Enclave has been Greenlit for distribution on Steam, HUZZAH! This glorious event took place on December 30th 2014, I have spent the time between then and now trying to get everything in order for the release; figuring out how to deploy on Steam, fixing a few odds and ends in the game itself, etc... I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who voted for the game and helped it get through the Greenlight process, and I hope that this will be the beginning of a glorious new chapter in the development of the game. The game is set to be released on Friday the 13th (because luck!) and you can find the 'coming soon' page right here:

Follow the game to keep up with developments!

Now onto the 1.1 update, not much is really added, it's more of a polishing and bugfixing update. The main highlights would be that you can recruit new units and manage Heroes on the World Map without having to return the the Enclave, that's a nice convenience. Also battles feel a lot more exciting because I added a bunch of new sound effects that change based on what kind of units are present in the battle, battles sound a lot more intense now. I also discovered that Archimedes couldn't be leveled up properly, that has been fixed also. This update will be released on the 13th, alongside the Steam Release, I know I did other things too, but I have been tinkering on and off with it for several months and forgot (again) to write everything down...So play the game and be surprised at what's fixed! ;)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the game,

~ Heftig

January 7th, 2015:

Happy New Year everyone! Well well a few exciting things have happened lately, and the new year is looking very exciting, first off I'll mention how my Game Jam entry fared in the IndiesVsPewDiePie Game Jam; not so good. It was rated at 207 out of 775 games, not an epic fail, but far from a win. I have however added some fun features into the game since the end of the jam and it's an entertaining little thing in it's own right now, if anyone would like to give it a try (for free!) you can find it here:Dwarf Space: Reactor Command.

With that aside, I have a rather big announcement, Siege of Turtle Enclave has been Greenlit! That's right peeps, turtle hordes are coming to Steam! I have to work out getting it ready for release on the platform but it shouldn't take too long, so stay tuned to find out when it's live on Steam, you're following me onTwitter andFacebook, aren't you? 0.0

November 21st, 2014:

Jamming! Follow my game's progress over at GameJolt:

Please vote for me because my game has dwarves! (And mead!) What else do you need to win?

November 14th, 2014:

I've decided to try my hand at a Game Jam, and since the most famous and awesomest YouTuber PewDiePie is hosting one this coming weekend, it seems like the perfect time to start. I'll be posting screenshots over the course of the Jam to keep the community updated on my progress, I already know what kind of game it's going to be and I can't wait until Friday so I can get started. Spoiler: there will be rainbows...and dwarves...